17 / USA
Hi I'm Ellie and I draw things.
Instagram: Elesq

I have a lot of weaknesses and boys who look good in headbands is definitely one of them

I Finally made an Instagram, guys! Find me @ELESQ

And I really need more art blogs/people to follow, so follow me and I’ll check out yours!!

pasteleyecandy asked: How old are you? Did you go to art school?

I’m 17. Ya know I really really wanted to go to an art school but alas, I don’t have a spare $245,000 to send myself, so no. I’m going to a community college right now. Hoping to transfer to LAALA if I can get in tho!!

evanescing-lights asked: Your art is wonderful! I hope you have a great day :>

Oh, I’m always so happy to see that other people enjoy my little scribbles. Thank you!

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